Natural Green Seaweed by Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin

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100% all natural organic dried seaweed, best suited for herbivores in both saltwater and fresh.

Green Seaweed contains important vitamins, minerals and trace elements that many fish need for their daily diet.

Dosing Recommendation: Seaweed is recommended to be fed daily. Portion size is based on the amount of inhabitants in your tank.

There are a few options for feeding: Presoak your seaweed in fresh water to make it easier to break up into small flakes and pour directly into the tank.  Alternatively,  attach to a stone with a rubber band, or fold into smaller piece and attach with a veggie clip (sold separately).

Contains: 50 Single sheets per package.


21 gram of 100% Dried Seaweed


Protein 24%

Fat 3%

Fibre 3%

Moisture 10%.